Stockholm - a City of Islands and Bridges

For a long time I wanted to visit Stockholm and, finally, this spring, I had the chance. And what a wonderful trip it was! The pace of life is slower than in and around London, and everything is fabulously well organised. People are friendly and helpful, and of course all speak English. That made me feel at home straight away!
And just imagine - photography day and night, architecture, water, people, the world’s longest art gallery in the underground system, and a photography museum/gallery, which is open til well after midnight! Pure indulgence!

Of course, I have to go back to this lovely city, and I will take you with me, if you fancy, in September 2020, when I will run a Light & Land tour to Stockholm. Check out my Workshops & Tours page to see a selection of photographs, and the Diary section for details of the trip and to reserve your place.