After weeks of being tied to the office chair, preparing lessons for the Beginners Photography Club I am currently teaching at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames, and some commissioned work, I finally managed to get out with the camera again last Friday!

The day started well - some poppies alongside the A303 at Stonehenge were still in a reasonable condition to be photographed. The skies duly obliged and the thick clouds moved on to make way for the blues and whites of a nice summer’s day. The trickiest part was getting a shot without cars in it – the A303 around Stonehenge is a very busy road.

Along the way to my final destination I spotted a little lay-by with a ‘Public Footpath’ sign, inviting a short exploratory ramble. I only had to step through the hedge by the side of the road and there it was – a barley field with a few poppies dotted in its midst!

By lunchtime the blue skies had gone and, for the next 7 hours or so, drizzle and non-descript featureless skies took turns to dampen my spirits. I had followed another footpath and discovered a view, which, so I believed, would make a great photograph, if the light was right. For the next few hours I waited, waited and waited. I Twice I started the journey home, only to turn back after a few miles because the weather looked as if it could still improve. Eventually, an hour before sunset, the clouds parted and the rolling hills before me were bathed in the most beautiful golden light. I can hardly describe the elation I felt, but some words came to my mind shortly afterwards that seemed to describe those few minutes perfectly: “I often think of that rare fulfilling joy when I am in the presence of some wonderful alignment of events, where the light, the colour, the shapes and the balance all interlock so beautifully that I feel truly overwhelmed by the wonder of it.” (Charlie Waite)