Stockholm - a City of Islands and Bridges

For a long time I wanted to visit Stockholm and, finally, this spring, I had the chance. And what a wonderful trip it was! The pace of life is slower than in and around London, and everything is fabulously well organised. People are friendly and helpful, and of course all speak English. That made me feel at home straight away!
And just imagine - photography day and night, architecture, water, people, the world’s longest art gallery in the underground system, and a photography museum/gallery, which is open til well after midnight! Pure indulgence!

Of course, I have to go back to this lovely city, and I will take you with me, if you fancy, in September 2020, when I will run a Light & Land tour to Stockholm. Check out my Workshops & Tours page to see a selection of photographs, and the Diary section for details of the trip and to reserve your place.

When Night Falls - Evening Workshop in London

In the last few months, I have spent some time photographing in London, and often did so after dark. London gives us countless opportunities to photograph street life, architecture, grand views and people. That is especially so after dark, when the lights come on, and the familiar views change, creating new and exciting opportunities to make interesting photographs.

I will be running a brand-new evening workshop in London for Light & Land on 11 December 2019. Join me if you would like to get started or want to delve deeper into low-light and night photography!

For more information and to book your place, head over to the Light & Land website.

Evolving Landscapes Exhibition

Light and Land celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018, and a highlight of that year was the Evolving Landscapes exhibition at the OXO Gallery in London. The exhibition will now travel to the Joe Cornish Gallery in North Yorkshire from 30 March to 27 April. On view is a stunning selection of photographs by Light & Land leaders, including Light & Land founder Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, Paul Sanders and Sue Bishop. I am delighted to be able to show my image W1 at Joe’s gallery as part of this exhibition. For more details and a link to the gallery, please check out my DIARY page.

Interview with The Togcast

A few weeks ago I had a call from The Togcast with an invitation for an interview. I was very happy to oblige, and Paul Sanders and I spent an enjoyable 45 mins or so chatting about photography in general and my own journey in particular. So grab a cuppa and listen via The Togcast (Episode 52).

The Togcast features interview with photographers every other week or so and I highly recommend adding them to your podcast library. I always enjoy listening to the episodes and learn something new about fellow photographers.

Light & Land Quickfire Q&A - my photography year 2018

2018 was an exciting year for me - filled with many photographic highlights. The exhibition at the OXO Gallery in London, being invited by Light & Land to become one of their tour leaders, recce’s for my forthcoming Light & Land workshops and a trip down memory lane to Bulgaria, where I spent a year studying back in 1989/90. This time, I returned armed with my camera, and found a country very different to the one I knew from almost 30 years ago.
As the year draws to a close, I have chatted to Light & Land about what 2018 was like for me, in photographic terms. Click here to read the quickfire questions and answers on the Light & Land hub page. I find that taking stock is very important as it provides me with clarity about what lies ahead and what I’d like to achieve in the new year.

COSMOPOLITAN LIVERPOOL - Day Workshop 2 May 2019

Liverpool is one of England’s finest waterfront cities - and a great location for my photography workshop next May, run via Light & Land.

I spent some happy days in the city this September - there was so much to see and not enough hours in the day to capture it all. Reflections and water, people, churches, architecture old and new - Liverpool was one of the most interesting cities I have been to in recent times.

If you fancy joining me there, head over to the Light & Land website at for more info and to book your place! What’s more, Light & Land founder Charlie Waite himself will join us on the day, so there is a chance to immerse yourself in some urban photography, being guided by one of Britain’s most eminent photographers!


My excitement is hard to describe. Although I have known now for a couple of months that I will be joining Light & Land, today was the day when I was announced as one of the tutors of the company, and it felt a little bit like a big birthday or some other important day of celebration. I am honoured to have been asked, and have gladly accepted the invitation. To be able to work as part of such a fantastic group of people is a wonderful new opportunity for me to share my love of photography with like-minded folk.

I have already put my first workshop together - it will be a day of photographic exploration in York, England's 'Eternal City'. It's a city full of character, with medieval streets and a cathedral that will take your breath away. For more information and to book your place, visit Light & Land's website by clicking here


For many years, taking my camera bag on a family holiday was a wasted effort. Rarely did I have the chance to bring out the kit to capture some wonderful light. But this year was different! 

On the first day, we stepped into Beverley Minster at just the right time to witness the most wonderful play of light inside. I spent a very happy half hour watching and photographing it. The light softened the stark nature of the structure, and I could literally feel the warmth it created. 

Later on during our trip, which was one of hot days and cloudless blue skies, I tried to turn that into a (photographic) advantage by picking out details, shapes and lines of a lighthouse against the sky.


The Vision 9 exhibition at gallery@oxo was a wonderful event, which showcased a tremendous variety of work by leading outdoor photographers. I was privileged to have been invited to the exhibition. Here is a video about it:


I spent one year of my Masters degree studying in Sofia, Bulgaria. That was back in 1989/1990. A historic year for me - monumental changes took place in my home country East Germany as well as in Bulgaria. Now, 28 years later, I decided it was time to return and explore Bulgaria with the camera.
A lot has changed in those 28 years, most of it for the better. It was wonderful of course to meet up with old friends, whom I hadn’t seen for decades. And capturing place and people with a camera was enriching and a great experience. I can’t wait to go back.


My fascination with urban photography generally, and London in particular, seems to be growing. Perhaps the fact that I no longer commute to London every day for work has something to do with it. It has become more enjoyable, I love looking around, something that got lost in the daily drudgery in years gone by.


Spotted in Dresden, Germany. I have always been fond of photographing urban decay. By capturing an old dilapidated building, the connection to the past becomes a very direct one. I can almost see the waiters hurrying back and forth, serving guests, hear the sound of the bell at reception and watch guests dragging big suitcases behind them as they depart.


A reasonably pleasing image here and there could not hide the fact that I have been incredibly frustrated those last few months with my photography. So what better way to get out of the rut than to try something completely new? Inspiration came from Steve Gosling, whose workshops I used to attend regularly, many years ago. Olympus lent the camera and Steve set the task - shooting urban scenes in London. I expected nothing, and perhaps that was the key. It allowed me to look around with fresh eyes, explore and play. 3 hours - and that was all that was needed to invigorate my mind, to re-ignite the passion.